Saint Maron's Church June 2019 Edition

Patriarch Nessrallah Sfeir Passed Away

His Beatitude Cardinal Nessrallah Peter Sfeir, the 76th Maronite Patriarch passed away in Lebanon on Sunday, May 11 at the age of 99.

Patriarch Sfeir was one of the most influential Patriarchs in the Maronite Church that he led for 25 years, working tirelessly to enrich its liturgical and spiritual life. He played an incredible role in uniting not only the Maronites, but most Lebanese leaders who looked up to him for inspiration and guidance. He was called "The Patriarch of the Second Independence of Lebanon." Our present Patriarch Cardinal Beshara Peter Rahi called him “The Icon of Lebanon� as he was born in 1920, the year that the Greater Lebanon was declared. He played a role that is similar to Pope John Paul II and his country Poland. History will speak very highly of this great leader, Our community of Saint Maron was blessed to host him for three days in February 2001.

"The Just Shall flourish like a Palm Tree, and grow like the cedar of Lebanon." 

Eucharist Procession June 9, 2019

Eucharistic Procession
Sunday, June 9

On Sunday June 9 we will celebrate our 15th Annual Eucharistic Procession to give honor and glory to our Lord Jesus. We will be processing through seven of our neighborhood Churches.

Service will begin at 3:00pm at Holy Cross Church, 1621 University Ave. NE. The Procession will move to Sts. Cyril & Methodius, St. Anthony, St. Boniface, St. Maron, St. Constantine, and closing Benediction at All Saints. A social with refreshments will follow and be held in our Cedars Hall. You are encouraged with your families, especially your children, to participate in this procession. Please park in the parking lots by St. Maron and St. Boniface. There will be a free shuttle bus to Holy Cross. This way you will be parked where the procession will end.

In case of rain, the procession and social will be held at St. Maron Church. 

Thanks for the Taste of Lebanon Dinner

Our many thanks for the outstanding work and dedication of all the parishioners who helped make this year’s dinner a success. The dinner would not be possible without the help of all the parishioners who prepared the food, hosted, tended bar, washed dishes, and did anything that was needed. Our special thanks to Duane and Elizabeth Nasser for chairing the dinner, Amira Farah for chairing the food, Henry Estephan, and Lanora Sarkis.

Thanks also go to those who gave extra donations: Emily’s Deli, Khalil Abou Khalil, Gayle & John DeWolf, Darlene & Ed Rice and Holy Land Deli for their generous donations.

May God bless and reward you all. 

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