Updated on 03/01/2024

Maamoul Pre-Order

Message from Chorbishop sharbel Maroun

March 2024

Chorbishop sharbel Maroun

Beloved Parishioners and Friends of St. Maron,

Peace, grace and love to you in the Lord Jesus with the hope that you are doing well and in good health and spirit with your loved ones.

I, first want to express to you my warmest wishes for a very Blessed Lenten journey and Happy and Joyful Easter. Easter is not only for the day of March 31st, but it is a season of life where we experience God’s powerful love and triumph over death every single day of our life.

God gives us so much joy and happiness in our life and our hearts overflow with the grace that He gives to us. Use that grace to grow in faith and to build up your spirit as you get closer to Him and the people that He brings into your life. Our life is about Heaven and our hope is in the Resurrection. Without the Resurrection, Christianity will not exist and our life will have no meaning now and in the future. Every human person and every spiritual leader that came to life, died and remains dust, except Jesus Christ, the God-Man who died and rose by his own power in order to destroy death and give us a new life. With this hope in my heart, I assure you of my continuous prayers and thank you for your commitment and dedication to your home of St. Maron. I urge you to never cease doing good and serving God and His Church and His people. This is Christ’s commandment to us as we all live to serve him.

I urge you to take time to enjoy your families, to live in peace with one another and to dedicate part of who you are and what you have for the service of the Church and for the glory of God.

I look forward to your presence among us for the rich and amazing liturgical services during Holy Week. May you be surrounded by His abundant graces during this holiest of weeks.

Be assured of my prayers for you and please call upon me if I can be of any help.

In Christ’s Hope,
Chorbishop sharbel Maroun

Holy Week Schedule

Hosanna Sunday
    * Saturday, March 23
         - 4:00 pm: Liturgy & Procession
    * Sunday, March 24
         -  9:00 am: Liturgy & Procession
         - 11:00 am: Liturgy & Procession

Holy Thursday, March 28
    - 7:00 pm: Liturgy & Washing of the Feet
Great Friday, March 29
    - 10:00 am: Liturgy of the Signing of the Chalice
    - 7:00 pm: Rite of Burial & Adoration of Our Lord
Saturday of the Light, March 30
    - 10:00 am: Rite of Forgiveness

Easter Mass
    * Saturday, March 30
           - 7:00 pm: Liturgy & Procession
    * Sunday, March 31
          - 9:00 am: Liturgy & Procession
          - 11:00 am: Liturgy & Procession

(Weather permiting, we will have
processions outside for Hosanna and
Easter Sundays.)

We hope you can join us!

Our Monthly Bulletin

Earlier this year, we stopped sending physical copies of our bulletin and started emailing them instead. This way, you receive the bulletin before the end of the month and there are no post office delays.

There are options for viewing the monthly St. Maron bulletin electronically:

  1. Go to: https://www.stmaron.com and Click on Our Bulletin.
  2. Go to: https://parishesonline.com/find/st-maron-maronite-church and Click on Download Latest Bulletin.
    Past Bulletins are also available at this site.
  3. If you need assistance please email us at Secretary@stmaron.com with name and email address and we will register you. 

Talitha Cumi

God blesses those who come to the aid of the poor and rebukes those who turn away from them: "Give to him who begs from you, do not refuse
him who would borrow from you"; "you received without pay, give without pay." It is by what they have done for the poor that Jesus Christ will
recognize his chosen ones. When "the poor have the good news preached to them," it is the sign of Christ's presence.

Continue bringing food and items for FOOD SHELVES and gently-used clothing, household supplies (paper goods, cleaning items), new baby
items (diapers, clothing, formula, food, blankets, etc.), and new school supplies. Let’s bring throughout winter. Jackets, mittens, scarves, socks, hats and boots also if you have them to share.

Whatever gets unused in your closets can be deeply appreciated and well-used by the needy. For any large items to donate, please contact Joannie Moses.

Thank you for your generosity!

Adopting a family in Lebanon

Our Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles is aiming to sponsor 250 families in Lebanon. We have the names of 10 families that our parish is aiming to sponsor. The basic cost to support these families is $75 - $100 per family. We have a description of each family. If you are able, and would like to adopt one of these families for the year, please contact the parish office, or email Fr. Sharbel at abouna@stmaron.com
May the Lord God bless you to continue being a blessing to others, and may God help the people of Lebanon who are suffering on all levels in their country.

Important Notice

Saint Maron’s church relies on proceeds from the weekly collection and other special events to support operating expenses and outreach in our community and across the world. Please consider making a donation online by clicking on this link (donate.stmaron.com). Your donation may be tax deductible and will be made securely and privately on Paypal. You don’t need to have a Paypal account. If you wish to donate for a particular purpose, you’ll be able to specify that in the comments area of your donation.

Thank you and may the Lord grant you faith and health.
~Chorbishop sharbel Maroun

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