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Warmest welcome to all our friends and guests who will be visiting our Festival. We are thankful to God to allow us to share our rich heritage with the people of the Twin Cities and beyond. As usual we are all called to extend our warm hospitality to our visitors. You are all urged to be a part of this festival and to volunteer your time and talents where you are needed. Together we can make it a great festival. [Click here to go to the Festival Home Page]

Message from Chorbishop sharbel Maroun

September 2022

Chorbishop sharbel Maroun

Beloved Beloved Parishioners and Friends of St. Maron's,

I pray you are well and in good health with your loved ones.

I write you this letter with much gratitude in my heart as I celebrate my 33rd Anniversary as your pastor on September 13 (1989-2022). There aren’t enough words to give thanks to God and to all of you for making these 33 years filled with so much grace and joy as you gave a great meaning to my ministry and priesthood. 33 years can be a long time in someone’s eyes but in my eyes, they passed really fast with an abundance of graces and amazing memories that were established in this beautiful community. Together, through God’s grace, we created a beautiful history: We welcomed two Maronites patriarchs, for the first time ever, we held two NAM Conventions, many ordinations that took place on our altar, the building done in our parish and the amazing grace of hundreds of baptisms, weddings, first communions, and funerals. It’s like a river of grace that was overflowing and continuing to overflow. I thank each one of you for the support, participation and the love for your home St. Maron. If you have not been active in your parish, I urge you to start and I urge anyone who has not been active to come back to celebrate life together. There is nothing more worthy in life than faith and we must pass it on to our children and grandchildren. We do not live for this world but for heaven. The challenges are many in life, but we need one another for support as a community. Our ancestors sacrificed so much to preserve this tradition for us and we should pass it on to the future generations. Faith, Family, and Heritage was the theme of our Maronite Convention and it will continue to be for our community. We all must work very hard to continue preserving our faith and to increase it and sustain and sanctify our families and to hold and cherish our heritage and share it with pride and thanksgiving.

When I first came to Minnesota, I thought I would be here for a few months or for a couple of years, but here I am 33 years later and feeling at home among you. Not many priests are blessed and privileged to have this long assignment in their ministry, especially among such a beautiful community such as St. Maron’s.

I am thankful for another grateful year you have given me, I ask you to forgive me for any shortcomings or omission or wrong that I may have done. I ask you to pray for me, as I assure you of my prayers and love.

Devotedly yours,
Chorbishop sharbel Maroun

Capital Campaign

"Vision for the Future, Mission for today." Our Eparchy’s Capital Campaign is a vision to establish a foundation that will sustain and secure the future of our Maronite church in the USA. The goal is to raise $15 million within our Eparchy that will be invested and only the interest will be used to support all the Ministries in our Eparchy including, Missions, education of seminarians, MYO, MYA, NAM, Order of St. Sharbel, Religious Education, Charity, and the many programs. Each one of us is called to write this history. On my 33rd Anniversary (September 13) I ask each one of you to commit to this great cause. Please read the information in the following pages and act upon it today. If you have any question or wish to make a stock donation, please call our parish office. Together we can fulfil the mission of our vision and leave a great legacy for the future generations. The future of our Eparchy and our children is in our hands today. Let us make a difference.

Announcement About Our Monthly Bulletin

Starting early in April 2022 we will be sending the bulletin by email to our parishioners. This way you will receive the bulletin early before the end of the month and there will be no post office delays.

There are options for viewing the monthly St. Maron bulletin electronically:

  1. Go to: hhtps:// and Click on Read/Download Our Bulletin.
  2. Go to: and Click on Download Latest Bulletin.
    Past Bulletins are also available at this site.
  3. If you need assistance please email us at with name and email address and we will register you. 

Duane Nasser Men’s Club Scholarship

Applications for the Duane Nasser Men’s Club Scholarship are now available for children who will be attending K-8 parochial schools. An eligible recipient must be an ACTIVE PARISHIONER for at least one year. Distribution will be based on the income and expenses of the household. If you are
interested, please call the parish office for an application. Ten $500 scholarships will be available for the first ten students who will apply.

Thanks to the Men’s Club for making this scholarship available to support our children. Application must be submitted by September 30th.

Tuition Subsidy

Applications for the Boutros and Zmeroud Nasseff Scholarship are now available for children who will be attending K-8 parochial schools. An eligible recipient must be an ACTIVE PARISHIONER for at least one year. This means attending the Liturgy and be involved with the parish’s spiritual and social events. Distribution will be based on the income and expenses of the household. If interested, please call the parish office for an application. We are very glad to assist our children and very thankful to the late great John Nasseff and The Men’s Club for making this scholarship available to support our children. It makes a world of difference. Applications must be submitted by September 30th.

John Nasseff  Cedars Scholarship

John Nasseff

We are glad to announce the availability of the John Nasseff Scholarship for high school seniors moving into college. Ten $1,000 scholarships are available for 10 students who are ACTIVE in our parish for at least one year.

Applications are available in our parish office. We are thankful to the legacy that our late brother John Nasseff established among us. May he rest in peace.

Talitha Cummi

For the love of God and Neighbor.  Please remember those less fortunate as we clean our closets and enjoy our summer joys. Sharing and Caring Hands could use your gently used items. God bless you all.

Adopting a family in Lebanon

Our Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles is aiming to sponsor 250 families in Lebanon. We have the names of 10 families that our parish is aiming to sponsor. The basic cost to support these families is $75 - $100 per family. We have a description of each family. If you are able, and would like to adopt one of these families for the year, please contact the parish office, or email Fr. Sharbel at
May the Lord God bless you to continue being a blessing to others, and may God help the people of Lebanon who are suffering on all levels in their country.

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Important Notice

Saint Maron’s church relies on proceeds from the weekly collection and other special events to support operating expenses and outreach in our community and across the world. Please consider making a donation online by clicking on this link ( Your donation may be tax deductible and will be made securely and privately on Paypal. You don’t need to have a Paypal account. If you wish to donate for a particular purpose, you’ll be able to specify that in the comments area of your donation.

Thank you and may the Lord grant you faith and health.
~Chorbishop sharbel Maroun

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