Meet Our Pastor

Chorbishop sharbel Maroun

Chorbishop sharbel Maroun

St Maron's Church Pastor (1989-Present)

Chorbishop sharbel Maroun

Wikipedia defines "Chorbishop" as a derivation of the Greek word "Χωpεπίσκοπος" meaning "a rural bishop." Indeed, our beloved chorbishop sharbel Maroun is our "rural" bishop but his reach and influence span the globe from the Americas to the Middle East and everywhere in between.

Chorbishop sharbel prefers to spell his name with a small "s" out of respect and to honor Saint Sharbel (see documentary here...) for whom he was named. He also prefers to be called Abouna (which means Father in arabic).

Abouna sharbel was born in Lebanon on January 6th, 1962 and emigrated to the US in 1983. He has experienced firsthand the hardship of civil war for 8 years before peace and prosperity finally returned to his beautiful native land where Jesus himself and his blessed mother Mary travelled and preached. January 6th, the date of his birth, is also the date he was ordained priest (1989), elevated to Monsignor (2007) and became Chorbishop (2015).

The following are some of the positions that he currently holds:

  • President of the Board of Telelumiere International, a Christian television broadcasting station reaching many countries in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Protopresbyter for Mid-America
  • Member of the Presbyteral Council
  • Member of the College of Consulters

  • Member of the Personal Board

  • Member of the Board of Pastors
  • Director of New Evangelization
  • Administrator of the Mission of Saint Sharbel of Milwaukee

We treasure the presence of Abouna sharbel in our community that he has served faithfully and tirelessly since 1989. He has been our beloved spiritual leader and advisor as well as a best friend and family member to all who have met him. He is truly a source of inspiration.

May God bless him, our church and our community.

Abouna sharbel may be reached via email at:

"My goal and desire in life is to serve the Lord Jesus.  I pray that I will always be worthy to serve the Lord and His Church."
      ~Chorbishop sharbel Maroun

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