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The following are the clubs and organizations that exist at Saint Maron’s Church.

Altar Society & St. Anne’s Club.

This is the organization of women who gather monthly to pray, socialize and share ideas. They work diligently to raise funds for the various needs of the Parish and for the poor. They meet the first Wednesday of the month (September-May)

Saint Rafka Club. St. Rafka Club.

This organization of parishioners gather monthly to pray, cook, eat, share, and plan community outreach and fundraisers in honor of St. Rafka. They plan and produce several annual fundraiser events from the New Years Eve Party, St. Rafka Breakfast, St. Maron Hafli, Taste of Lebanon Dinner and many more. The St. Rafka club focuses on raising funds for the various needs of the Parish and for the poor in our community of Minneapolis and the Maronite community in the Middle East. They meet the second Wednesday of the month (September-May) and welcome any and all members to join a meeting, share ideas, and enjoy home cooked treats.

Parish Advisory Board.

The Board consists of several lay people appointed to advise the Pastor on the spiritual, social and financial needs of the community. They coordinate the activities of the Parish family. They meet as needed.

Religious Education Commission.

This commission prepares the yearly Maronite Christian Formation program for grades K-8, teaches the students, forms their Christian ideals and assists parents in the maturation of the faith of the children. This commission plans special prayer days and fun days for the children of the Parish. (Classes meet from 11:00am-noon, September-April)

Building and Maintenance Commission.

This commission assists in the maintenance of the church properties, plans for needed repairs, and proposes and recommends alterations, additions and new developments to the complex. They meet as needed.


This group of fine people enhance our divine worships on Sunday and special liturgical celebration.


They offer their services on a rotating schedule in order to maintain good order at worship, to welcome the community before liturgy and to coordinate activities related to worship.

Finance Commission.
This commission reviews the financial status of the Parish and reviews the cost projections for all projects of the Parish. It advises the Pastor on certain financial issues that are pertained to the parish. They meet as needed.

Readers provide the special ministry of reading the Holy Scriptures. They also make special announcements after the liturgy and assist in the liturgical celebrations. They follow a four-month rotating schedule.

Altar Servers.
These individuals minister at the holy altar for liturgy. They also assist at special occasions and celebrations.

Maronite Youth Organization.
These young people (13-17 years) meet on a monthly basis to pray and socialize. They also serve Sunday’s Coffee and have few overnight retreats and an Annual conference.

Maronite Young Adults.
These young adults meet on a monthly basis to pray and socialize. They also have other activities as retreats and have a dance group (Dabke).

Rental Commission.
This commission oversees the rental property of the church and take care of its management.

Subsidy Commission.
This commission is to advise the Pastor on the matter of the tuition subsidy that the parish offers to her children.

Decoration Commission.
This commission takes care of decorating the Altar for Sundays and special Feast days.

All members of the Parish family of Saint Maron’s are encouraged to participate in the Parish clubs and organizations that match their special gifts and allow them to serve Christ by serving one another and the Church.

If you are interested to serve any of the above organizations, please contact Fr. sharbel at 612-379-2758.

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